Win, lose or draw

Yesterday’s game was everything you feared would happen to the Phils in the post. The bats could barely get the ball past the second-base bag, and while Hamels held on for a bit, he got rattled early and the bullpen got depleted rather quickly.

The brightside, however, is that even when everything you hoped wouldn’t happen happened, we only lost by a run. But a loss is a loss — whether by 20 or 1 — and with the series at deuce, the Phils will pack it up and head into the chilly Colorado atmosphere to try and shake off the last of the icy feeling of defeat.

It’s hard to know what to expect in Game 3 on Saturday. The weather could play a factor, as could the inevitable pitching shortage the Phillies knew would come and bite them in the butt. Mainly, the key to the Phillies success is keeping the offense prolific. Obviously, that would be the key to any ball club’s success; however, with the pitching as it stands, the Phils are going to have to rely on their bats and feet to get the job done.

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