Covering their Trax

The California sunshine will be a welcome addition to tonight’s opener for the Phils-Dodgers NLCS opener — in stark contrast to the freezing nights of Colorado and the drab weather we have for the next four days in Philadelphia.

But that will be the only welcome addition.

The Dodgers’ own up-and-down pitching and prolific offense will be an interesting match-up for the similar stats on the Phils side.

Though I thought we would be lucky enough to make the jump from TBS to FOX once we got to the NLCS, I was dismayed to realize we will have to endure the inept announcing of TBS until we are World Series bound.

I just want to have a talk with the inventor and/or maintainer of the “Pitchtrax” technology — you know, that completely arbitrary box on the right side of TBS’ broadcasts that purports to show where in (or out of) the strike zone the pitch landed. However, balls in exactly the same spot often end up in wildly different locations on the Pitchtrax. It’s so frustrating I contemplated taping over the left third of my TV.

Getting rid of that once we make it to the World Series will be present enough. Well, for the time being.


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