Beyond all doubt

The Phillies have a well-deserved 3-1 command of the NLCS after last night’s ninth-inning heroics. It was not the first time the Phils, backs against the wall, came out swinging — and clawing, slicing and sprinting.

I’m embarrassed to say, I stopped watching at the end of the eighth. But, hear me out. I was without television, and relying on some lame kid who streams all sorts of sports through his blog. By about the third inning, he and his lame cronies turned their attention to Monday Night Football, and when the Phillies feed went down, he didn’t care to fix it.

Scrambling, the only other thing I could get to work was audio from the Dodgers’ radio coverage. With the game easily leaning in the Dodgers’ favor up til the eighth, listening to them fawn over the slightest of Dodger successes and blame everything from the series standings to the War in Iraq on the Phillies “struggling defense” I couldn’t take it anymore. So I shut it off.

About 30 minutes later, my BlackBerry was telling me “5-4 Phillies, Final.”

Naturally, I read what happened. Walk, hit batter, pop fly … and one of the most amazing triples (scored a double) in Phillies history, courtesy of the relatively quiet, but always possibly lethal, Jimmy Rollins.

I spent this morning watching the calls from around the league of the winning drop. Yes, it was great. No, it was not the same as watching it live. As holding your head in your hands and hearing the completely unexpected crack that makes your heart flutter, your eyes lift and your hopes think, “just maybe …”

I apologize, dear Phillies. I will doubt no longer. I never had reason to in the first place.


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