Battle in the East

It seems the much-anticipated Phils-Yankees series will be happening. Though the Yanks are no doubt a formidable opponent, there trouble with the Angels was good news for the Phils.

The extremely prolific offense of both teams is going to put on quite a show, and the proximity of the two cities is going to make for some intense games and atmosphere.

In line today at Subway in Tribeca, the night after the Yanks made it in to the Fall Classic, I eavesdropped on two business men:

Man 1: “I saw standing room only tickets on sale for Game 3 in Philly for $400.”

Man 2: “Really? But you can get them?”

Man 1: “Umm, ya, for $400. You want it?”

Man 2: “Ya, let’s do it then.”

I was overjoyed that the New Yorkers were planning a trip down to Philly to support their team. These were not Yankees fans, en route. No, they were transplanted Philophites representing in NY and wanting to watch their transplanted home team get beat by their old one.

We enjoyed a little commiserating while I waited for my 6-inch Italian herb and cheese. And laughed at the jubilant New Yorkers whose celebrating would be short-lived.


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