No Frills

I glossed over the Eagles embarassing loss to the (cringe) Raiders because it was really offensive.

That’s sort of how I feel about Phillie losing to New York.

Despite the immediate similarities in the Phillies and Yankees teams’ play, the two could not be more different in reputation. The pinstripes have long been a storied group of talented, overpaid pretty boys who spend more time on the cover of the Daily News or Star Magazine than in the batting cages. The talent is there, but the high payroll makes them less ballplayer more celebrity.

Conversely, the Phillies are the rough-and-tumble team in the east, winning people’s love on the baseball field and in the community. In the decade I have spent in Philadelphia, I can nary recall a salicious article about a player’s personal life or scandal. We just don’t do that. (OK, maybe Meyers had a few slip ups)

Our guys are there to play baseball, not to date actresses or make appearances at local hotspots.

One of my favorite aspects of this reverential culture is the rumors told by many bartenders about players frequenting their watering holes as regulars. I’ve never seen it, but I was told Utley is a mainstay at Southwark.

As the homegrown players that play for the love of the game, I can’t allow the possibility we lose to a city that decided calling us the “Frillies” was an inventive enough headline to put on the cover of their newspaper.

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