What a ham

Oh Cole, why must you go running your mouth?

It’s been broadcast all over the game, ESPN, radio and everywhere you turn just how much of a prima donna Cole Hamels is. If you haven’t heard, the former ace ran his mouth in the middle of a doubtful World Series run, with his teammates scratching and clawing at the Yankees cleats as they tried to climb over them, about wanting the season to be over.

It has since been qualified that Cole meant his season, you know, since he’s been throwing so poorly. Since when was a roster mainstay’s season separate from the team’s?

We all knew he was a primadonna, but I don’t know why his wife doesn’t tell him to keep his yap closed.

Between the day-game complaints and the self-centered moping, I’m all for putting the ball in Happ’s hands. At least he’ll have some conviction behind it.


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