True colors

Ho-hum. It is a rough time in Philadelphia sports. No, it is not the darkest years of the 20-year drought suffered by the unwavering Phillie nation. But a World Series defeat followed up by a painful fall to the Cowboys is hard to stomach. Even our brief kick in NY’s ribs as we triumphanted over the Giants was lessened when the Chargers handed them their fourth-straight loss this week. Suddenly our Giants victory was as satisfying as beating a crumbling Mets team.

As I am still trapped working in NYC for the remainder of the month, I bought a flash drive from a Radio Shack in Times Square today. I payed with my Bank of America card that prominently displays a Phillies logo.

The clerk handed the card back to me and said, “Do you show that card to a lot of people around here?”

I was confused for a second, and then I realized: “Oh, the Phillies, ya … not the best time to be in New York.”

He responded, “Ya, I wouldn’t go showing that card to too many people.”

I have no idea what that was suppose to imply. I felt it was a threat that he was having second thoughts about selling me the flash drive.

Apparently sports discrimination is alive and kicking in NY.


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