Food for the Philadelphia soul

I had the pleasure of attending the Sixers game last night as they took on the Atlanta Falcons. Despite keeping it close, Bibby eventually undid any positive movement in our favor down the stretch and they fell, again, by more than 10.

The game itself, all things considered, was well-attended (we’re talking 70% capacity at most) and due to their struggling record, I was able to find my way into a $170-a-head club box for $14 (with a lot of help from some very kind workers). But even without the charitable hand, a group of 10 can get $60 a piece ticks for the boxes with a great view of the action, free food and a private bathroom and bar.

All told it may be worth it if the action on the court wasn’t so revolting. Not to mention it flew by in two hours flat and they ushered you out of there before you could even set your cup down.

However, I did find the secret to Philadelphia fans’ attitude problems: Free food. There was a bowl of Lays potato chips and I’ve never talked to friendlier people at a sporting event in Philly as around those taters.


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