Blast from the past

The newest buzz on the sports circuit is the embarassment the Sixers hope to bring to Philly with groveling at the underacheiving knees of Allen Iverson.

The man was a stud when he played here, and we let everything go when he put his foot in his mouth. Everything. Because he could keep us in the game and get us farther than if we had seven more benchwarmers playing.

But he’s no longer on that level, and, truth is, we let him go and kissed the drama goodbye right after him.

Pulling him back now does not promise even the hope of something that would outweigh the negative impact of such a move. A few extra ticket sales for his return debut is really worth having to bow our head in shame as the national sports media rips us apart and then having to watch the team further crumble as Iverson pretends he’s still what he used to be? I think not.

As of today, the Associated Press has reported the Sixers offered the failing Grizzly a one-year non-guaranteed contract after a meeting between the two parties yesterday.


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