Tip top shape

Neck and neck with Dallas again.

The entrenched conference rivalry only gets hotter as we stand toe-to-toe with our Southern foes. Unfortunately, we are just an inch shorter since we lost to them in week 9. At home.

This week we get a chance to further climb the NFC East ladder as we head North to give the G-Men a romping similar to the one we dished out last time we faced Eli and his stupid plantar fasciitis.

Dallas has the honor of hosting the 9-3 Chargers in their spiffy new stadium, which hasn’t been the lucky charm Jerry Jones was hoping for.

Hello, top of the NFC East.

Though I predict the rest of the season — which has Dallas facing the untouchable New Orleans and the lackluster Red Skins, and us taking on a manageable San Fransisco squad and a formidable Broncos team — may very well come down to the last play of the Eagles/Cowboys 1 p.m. head-to-head Jan. 3.

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