Making statements

I do not like this one bit.

Though we currently sit atop the NFC East standings with a flimsy one-game lead over Dallas, the Broncos (and Dawkins) come to town next week, while the Cowboys will be taking on the heartless (did you see MNF?!) Redskins.

Let’s just say coming off upsetting the Saints’ miraculous lossless season, the Cowboys should have no trouble with Washington.

As far as Philadelphia, this is a make it or break it game.

Though we have secured a wildcard ticket to the postseason and are still fighting for the Division title, I predict things will turn very hairy if we drop this game to Denver. That leaves the division at stake in the final regular season meeting, the Jan. 3 bout with Dallas.

If the Eagles want to establish themselves as a SuperBowl contender, they cannot drop this game to Denver. The last two games will set the tone going into the playoffs of what type of team we are and will establish how we are played by the rest of the league. Do we squeak by on a wildcard berth or do we announce that we are a sleeping giant about to claim our rightful destiny?

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