Rodeo bound

It wasn’t the blow out of the century, but the Eagles put on a display. Well, for one half at least.

The dominating two-quarter tactics that’s been the Birds’ signature, at least for 2009, was in full swing Sunday with the quick burst lead the Eagles pounced on top of the Broncos with last week.

Luckily, for us, I think a fast and prolific scoring offense will be the key to beating a cerebral quarterback like Tony Romo.

I would have liked a more handy romping put under Philadelphia’s belt going into the Dallas game that will surely set the tone for the playoffs, but I think the steady play and tenacity to keep themselves in the game will come in handy this week, as well.

Look for the Eagles to come out swinging and put the Cowboys on their heels within the first seven minutes of play. However, if the Birds can’t squirt one, or even two,  into the endzone within the first quarter, they are in for a rocky ride.


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