Park out, Baez in

With the Tuesday signing of Danys Baez to a $5.25 mill two-year deal, Chan Ho Park will be packing his bags. The signing of the former Oriole put the nail in the coffin on Park’s possibilities of staying with the Phils.

Following 2007 Tommy John surgery and sitting out for all of ’08, Baez threw a respectable year for his Baltimore team in ’09. However, bringing the Cuban-born Baez to the bullpen roster was to keep a healthy workhouse in the house for all the other primadonnas with hurting elbows. Perhaps someone who had to undergo Tommy John surgery is not your best bet for a solid, healthy season, Ruben.

Things did need to get shaken up in the Phils bullpen after the nail-biting innings of ’09. It was like the game became a free-for-all by the seventh inning.

I’m not hyped on this deal. Park, given more time to come into his own, could have been a good, solid bet for the Phils to keep them in the game in those late inning battles. But, change is good and we’ll see where Baez takes us.

Eyre is also out, being offered a Minor League contract.

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