What to do? Well, we all know what will be done, however, is that the right decision?

An MLK-day beer-fueled brawl brought me head-to-head with my boyfriend (a staunch McNabb supporter) about Donovan’s tenure in the City of Brotherly Love. Normally, we are butting antlers as he scolds I am a fairweather fan who doesn’t see Donovan’s potential while I levy accusations that staying safe relegates us to nothing but second-place finishes and McNabb doesn’t have the makings of a winner.

2009, however, seems to have cracked the infallible Reid-coated armor of D. McNabb and my boyfriend finally aquiesced. No more, “if he had all the right pieces …” No, our Monday night conversation, though oddly contentious, was one of agreement.

Donovan has outlived his mulligans.


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