Mr. Congeniality

I saw the appeal when Iverson was rumored to come back on. I got it when people were excited to have him, even if his less than stellar stats were barely a spark to a stagnant offense. But the All-Star game, really?

Unlike the pathetic NFL Pro Bowl (currently now being attended by McNabb in place of Super Bowl-bound Drew Brees), the NBA All-Star game manages to have some hype and flair around it, and thus, credibility. This disparity is likely due to the nature of the games, basketball’s street roots and the ability to execute on a court with style, unlike football’s more regimented structure.

No matter. Why is Iverson an All Star in 2010? And a starter, no less. If anyone who’s played is fair game, let’s vote No. 23 back on the team, for that matter. Ok, ok, current player: Paul Pierce? Rajon Rondo? Steve Nash? Mike Bibby?

It’s a popularity contest, right?


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