Hit the road, jack

Well, well, well. It seems the conversation has finally made the main stream. Donovan McNabb’s head seems to be on the proverbial plate, with lots of talk about the newly QB-less Arizona Cardinals and the wavering Favre contemplating leaving the Vikings.

Favre will not leave the Vikings, so I will not entertain that conversation. Besides, if you decide to do a do-or-die philosophy in 2009, it doesn’t seem too appetizing to bring in a almost-good quarterback to rebuild your team. Vikings are out.

Talks and considerations about Arizona are too early and behind-the-scenes for me to comment. I don’t manage an NFL football team. However, I do know this: McNabb has a lot on the line. In Philly, he’s finally reached his breaking point and if he manages to stay here by the hair on his chin, he will finally be expected to win and booted into no-man’s land if he does not. In Arizona, all eyes will be on him and whether or not Philadelphia was holding him back.

I don’t dislike McNabb personally. I do, however, hate his style of play and I’ve never been impressed with him. I have no faith in his game. But he seems like a good guy and I wish him the best. I just hope that I won’t have to watch him in Eagles’ Green anymore.

God speed.


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