Girl power

I spent last Saturday at the NovaCare Complex for the first day of the  fourth annual Eagles Academy for Women.  I was skeptical of the day’s events going in (envisioning crazed old ladies in face paint and staff members explaining what a “football” was).

For some reason, I assumed the day would revovle around the Eagles’ players and though promises of up close and personal time were tossed out in pre-event press releases, I was fairly sure they’d be trotted in behind glass or something to that effect.

I was more than mistaken; I was dead wrong.

Not only was the day completely and entirely about the 400 female fans who came in to see the team, it was a celebration of them. The staff was almost as excited as the group to be there. The women were bonding about a shared love and enjoying eachother’s company.

And, to cap it off, the access was incredible for an Eagles’ fan. The scouting class was held in the NovaCare locker room and everyone took time to snap pictures in their favorite players’ lockers. (Side note: Winston Justice has a lot of shirts).

In tomorrow’s edition of The Review, there will be a full account of the happenings and the who’s-who of who was there. Make sure to check out the Sports section.

Here are some pics snapped at the event by Review Staff Photographer Greg Bezanis:


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