I try to be fair, to cover all sports in Philadelphia, although I only really care about two. I’ll be there when the Eagles go 0-10 and the Phillies are somewhere in the .200 range. Because I love them.

The Flyers and the 76ers, well, hey, I’ll jump on the bandwagon when it swings around town. But when they are at the bottom, I have no problem stepping right over them into the next season.

The Flyers, however, turned a dismal start into a third place standing in the Eastern Conference with 22 more game to play in the regular season. Still, if I start to hear Stanley Cup in the same sentence as Philadelphia, I’ll start to pay attention.

The Sixers, however, are a team I could really get behind. That is if there was any room behind them. Ok, that’s a bit harsh. We aren’t dealing with a 5-52 record, like the Nets. Though we are running a worse line: We aren’t horrible, we’re just mediocre.

I can’t watch it. The constant “hanging in” there. Just be dismal and give us a chance to pick at the top of the order. Things have got to get shaken up on the courts at the Wachovia Center, and average players putting up average numbers are going to keep us in the same place year after year.

Tonight there is a “viewing” party advertised on the Sixers’ Web site for their game versus the Lakers. I thought a “viewing” was usually in conjunction with a funeral. Aptly named, don’t you think?


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