Blond ambition

We’re welcoming back an interesting player to the 2010 mix. Taking the field in Eagles’ green once again will be the now-famous Hank Baskett.

Though his play never got him much recognition, his recent nuptials and subsequent reality show with the quirky, off-color Kendra Wilkinson have easily made Baskett’s name cross the female-sports boundary line.

Recently, at an out-of-state bar, the conversation switched to a flip-cup game my friend had the pleasure of sharing with a few choice players from the Eagles’ defensive roster. A non-sports fan chimed in wit, “Oh, how about that guy that’s married to Kendra, was he there?”

I did correct the oversight that, at the time, Baskett was actually a Colt. And that he doesn’t play defense. However, this still illustrates how he has somehow taken his Eagles’ affiliation to the TV nation.

Now that he’s back, will we have to deal with a Kendra curse a la Jessica Simpson?


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