Who said cheerleading wasn’t a spectator sport? Well, I’m pretty sure this part is definitely not sport but I guarantee there will be spectators.

Tuesday, April 20, the Prince Music Theater in Center City will be overrun with 60 bikini-clad hopefuls vying for 38 slots on the Eagles cheerleading team.

The night features the final round of cuts of the multi-part elimination process that whittles down the gaggle of girls to the select 38 that have the spunk, smile and, well, stomach, to make it in the two-piece numbers the team sports throughout the football season.

Competition will include a swimsuit, er, promenade, a question-and-answer spot and whatever else they cook up this year.

Please do not throw anything at the contestants.

More info:

Tuesday April 20, 2010 7:30 pm

1412 Chestnut St.

Tickets are $22.50. Seats are Limited. Click here to purchase tickets.


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