Point break

I have been waiting patiently as the McNabb buzz ebbs and flows around the NFL landscape, hoping that it will crash headfirst into a headline-making deal and I can finally let that beast float off into the distance.

On the surface, I’d have to say I agree the idea of trading Donovan seems like a losing deal in any capacity for the Eagles. Perhaps with two “starting” quarterbacks still sitting on the roster we are in the driver’s seat, but there is less than a guarantee we can get anywhere with either Kolb or Vick.

With McNabb, we can make the playoffs. Year after year, we can make the playoffs.

I remain steadfast with my claim McNabb will never get a Superbowl ring – here or elsewhere. I think he is a stand-up guy and a better-than-average quarterback, but he is not top-of-the-line any way you slice it. He may make it on a team so flushed with talent or luck he grabs on to a Superbowl-bound coattail and holds on for dear life. But he will never lead the charge. He cannot rally a team, let alone a city.

And, really, all Philadelphia wants is someone to rally around. You may not always know it, but we’ll be there behind you if you are inspiring enough to make us believe. McNabb, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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