Class of 2010

No O-lineman? Andy, how could you?

The radio waves and blogosphere was a flutter after last weekend’s surprisingly defense heavy draft by the Eagles. Oh, and another quarterback. I guess three is their lucky number.

Anyway, here is the 2010 draft class. I can’t get hyped about this or the impact they are going to have. I think only true diehards can care about potential as much as draft class picks are concerned. I think this makes me a lazy fan.

Once they are suited and put some stats on the board during a game, I’ll have a few words.

Brandon Graham, DE/OLB (Michigan), 1st Round (No. 13)

Nathaniel Allen, FS (USF), 2nd Round (No. 37)

Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, DE (Washington), 3rd Round (No. 86)

Trevard Lindley, CB (Kentucky), 4th Round (No.105)

Keenan Clayton, OLB (Oklahoma), 4th Round (No.121)

Mike Kafta, QB (Northwestern), 4th Round (No.122)

Clay Harbor, TE (Missouri State), 4th Round (No.125)

Ricky Sapp, DE/OB (Clemson), 5th Round (No.134)

Riley Cooper,WR ( Florida ) 5th Round (No.159)

Charles Scott, HB (LSU), 6th Round (No. 200)

Jemar Chaney, ILB (Mississippi State), 7th Round (No.220)

Jeffrey Owens, DT (Georgia), 7th Round (No.243)

Kurt Coleman, S (Ohio State), 7th Round (No.244)


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