Don’t Tase me bro

Security at Citizen’s is no joke. At last night’s Phillies-Cardinals game, it seems a lowly 17-year-old boy decided to attempt the ultimate fan’s expression (with clothes on, at least).

Steve Consalvi made a run for it across the field in the 8th inning of last night’s game. Unfortunately for him, a policeman at the field decided to Taser him.

My favorite part of the article at is that the parents (mom and step dad) are not mincing words about their son, calling him “dumb.” Also, he apparently was polite enough to ask his father for permission before he went on the field.

Permission was not explicitly granted, though it was not denied.

It’s always easier to ask for forgiveness, rather than permission, right?

Joking aside, I don’t think Tasers are really necessary for kids running around on fields. The zero-tolerance mentality may deter some of the less stubborn would-be streakers, but consider this: A cop recently had to resign after Tasing 30 kids at a career fair at their request. Why is Tasing this misguided 17 year old, who did not verbally consent, any different?


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