Why do you hate Kobe Bryant?

Get off Kobe Bryant’s back. There, I said it: Leave him alone.

When I moved to Philadelphia from L.A. I was surprised at the level of animosity toward the guy. I am a Lakers fan, and probably one of the most staunch defenders of Mr. Bryant. And believe me, everywhere I go he needs defending.  I just don’t get it.

I’ve heard the arguments and I understand he doesn’t give people much to like about him but I’ve never seen anything like this phenomenon. It’s actually as if the whole world hates him and yet no one has a real reason besides: He’s not a team player. Please.

I find Shaq to be one of the rudest most conceited people in the game. People criticize but like him much more than Bryant. Philip Rivers and Terrell Owens are both rude and obnoxious players. People love them.

Usually, talent trumps all: “Yes, he is rude/annoying/cocky, but, by god, he’s good.” Not with Kobe. The hatred people feel for him causes them to take away credit, say he’s trying to be Jordan and come up for excuses for all his success. He shoots and he is a ball hog, he passes and he’s making bad calls. He’s slow, he whines, he’ll never be Jordan. The poor guy can’t do anything right.

LeBron throws chalk everywhere and people smile and clap like encouraging a child. Kobe stands on a table after his FIFTH NBA title and is instantly reprimanded that he premeditated doing it a la Jordan. Really? I mean, really?! The criticism is inane.

The guy is one of, if not the most, amazing basketball players of all time. Twenty years from now, when his stats and name are simply markers in history, people will forget they hated him for no good reason and he’ll get all the credit that is due.

But, why, America, why do you hate Kobe Bryant?


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