Double K is far from OK.

Having seen the Phillies live on Sunday and having watched them on Monday, I have observed quite an oddity on their staff. Walking to Sunday’s tilt with the Brewers, I knew that the Milwaukee mashers would amass more runs that day than they had in the first two games of the series (4). They almost topped that total in the first inning, thanks to a massive bomb that I called, much to my wife’s chagrin, off the bat of Prince Fielder. Even before his mates had a chance to bat, Kyle Kendrick had them in a 3-0 hole. The Phils would score only two runs, dropping a 6-2 decision, with their 26-year-old starter going a whopping four innings.

Move to Monday. Roy Oswalt, despite yielding three home runs, earned his fifth win in six decisions since his escape from the abyss known as the Houston Astros. Like Roy Halladay, another righthander whom general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. saved from a hapless team, Oswalt has performed well. His and Halladay’s 33-year-old right arms are more reliable than novenas to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The future for Kendrick’s, however, should be the topic of many prayers. Upon hearing of Oswalt’s acquisition, I immediately felt the team had traded the wrong hurler to the NL Central. Had the team kept J.A Happ and dealt Kendrick, a Houston native, by the way, the Phillies’ staff would not own the oddity that Kendrick and Oswalt enable it to have. The two-time defending National League Champions have the distinction of having the worst pitcher with a winning record in Kendrick (9-8) and the best pitcher with a losing record in Oswlat (11-13 overall w/ Astros and Phillies).

The Braves must certainly be hoping the Phillies leave Kendrick in the rotation. If ever there were something deserving of a tomahawk chop, it is Kyle Kendrick’s fastball.

5 responses to “Double K is far from OK.

  1. Good stuff. If Ed Wade had given us Oswalt for Kendrick MLB might have had to start an investigation. The results would have probably yielded that Ed Wade is MLB’s worst GM for the last 15 years!

  2. Good post. Kendrick is a liability. Watch Happ have a better career than the stiff.

  3. Thank you for reading, Kathy!

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