Poor consistency

On Sunday, when I had grown tired of using all of my time constructively, I decided to watch the Eagles/Packers game. Owing to my serious dislike of the Birds, I knew I would be giving my temper some fuel. I love going green, but I have my limits.
I pledged to give myself only parts of the third quarter to see what this team has. By that time, Michael Vick had replaced the injured Kevin Kolb, who followed in the footsteps of Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb by suffering an injury in a season opener. Showing some flair, Vick gave the Packers, whom many see as a contender in the NFC, some worries, but I had no doubt that Green Bay would claim its first win in Philadelphia during the Andy Reid era.
Fifteen contests remain, yet I believe many of them will not be highly contested affairs. The offense is exciting, yes, but in life, we often have to put up with the roll to enjoy the butter. The roll, in this case, is the bland defense the Eagles field. I would like for the Detroit Lions, losers of 30 of 32 games in the 2008 and ’09 seasons, to tear up that pliable defense this Sunday. Maybe seeing their comrades basted will make the offensive stars a bit more firm come crunch time. Oh, yes, I confess I looked in on the final drive on Sunday. Here’s hoping the playmakers can spring back this week when the heat is most intense.


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