Test their testosterone

The Flyers signed Jody Shelley to a three-year contract July 1. He will add little offensive punch, but he will deliver plenty of punches as an enforcer. Having two feminine names and playing an ultra-physical sport, the 6-4 left wing has no option but to enjoy fisticuffs.

His addition adds to the city’s collection of male athletes with female names. The Flyers, in fact, lead the way with six manly men carrying girly appellations. The first four lists gather the 16 total players among the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers, and the final list honors those five figures whose given names are less memorable than their ladylike nicknames.

Before settling in Golden State and Oakland, respectively, the NBA’s Warriors and MLB’s Athletics called Philadelphia home. The great Cornelius “Connie” Mack, who managed the Athletics from 1901-50, is the only member affiliated with either franchise to have a lasting sobriquet.

List #1 Eagles: Not surprisingly, the Eagles are tied for the fewest head-scratching names with three.

1. Kelly Kirchbaum, LB, 1987

2. Allison White, T, 1939

3. Bobbie Williams, G, 2002-03

List #2 Flyers

1. Blair Betts, C, 2009-Current

2. Lindsay Carson, LW, 1981-88

3. Jody Hull, RW, 1998-2001

4. Kim Johnsson, D, 2001-2006

5. Brit Selby, LW, 1967-1969

6. Jody Shelley, LW, Current

List #3 Phillies

1. Kerry Dineen, OF, 1978

2. Lynn Lovenguth, P, 1955 and 1957

3. Robin Roberts, P, 1948-1961

4. Kelly Stinnett, C, 2003

List #4 76ers

1. Dana Barros, G, 1993-1995

2. Toni Kukoc, F, 1999-2001 (does not receive a pass for being European!)

3. Jodie Meeks, G, 2009-Current

List #5 Nicknames: Baseball’s glory days featured tons of nicknames, and Philadelphia gave the world a few girlishly good ones.

1. Russell “Lena” Blackburne, IF, 1919

2. Frank Talmadge “Dixie” Davis, P, 1918

3. Patrick “Patsy” Flaherty, P/OF, 1910

4. George “Peaches” Graham, C, 191

5. Octavio Victor “Cookie” Rojas Rivas, 2B/OF, 1963-1969


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