Needful slings

By Alvaro Balderas, Review Intern

Who needs their starting quarterback more for this weekend’s clash between the Eagles and Titans?

Let me see, Vince Young instead of 55-year-old Kerry Collins or Michael Vick instead of Kevin Kolb, who was deemed Philadelphia’s starting QB before the season?

It is safe to say that Young’s services are more required than Vicks‘.

Yes, the Eagles would rather have Vick on the field with his league high passer rating of 108.8 and that unpredictability that makes opposing defensive coordinators throw fits about, but keep in mind who is playing whom.

The Titans, third in rushing in the NFL, are going up against the league’s tenth worst rush defense, a rush defense that hasn’t gotten better the past several years. Even though the Titans’ majority of yards are gobbled up by Chris Johnson, Vince Young plays an intricate part of that scheme and wouldn’t hurt to have.

The Titans have gone 1-1 with Young’s absence this season while the Eagles have gone a perfect 2-0 without Vick. In that loss against the Steelers, the Titans rushed a season low with Young out.

When it comes down to debating which of the two teams is better with their back-ups starting, the only logical answer is that it‘s a wash. Penn State alumnus Collins has played decent in his two games this season throwing for two touchdowns, one interception and garnering a rating of 91.4. Kevin Kolb on the other hand has also played similarly well in his four games throwing for five touchdowns while establishing a 98.3 passer rating of his own.

By Joseph Myers, Review Staff Writer

I do not consider Michael Vick the Eagles’ starter-in-waiting. On Tuesday at a Southwest Philadelphia middle school, the quarterback noted, “I have been improving every day, and that’s the most important thing” as he recovers from a rib/chest injury. Shrouding this week’s clash with the Tennessee Titans in semi-mystery, coach Andy Reid said Monday that Kevin Kolb will “likely” start for the third straight week. Hallelujah!

As the opposition may have lost starting signal caller Vince Young to a knee injury in Monday’s 30-3 rout of the inconsistent Jacksonville Jaguars, the Eagles need Kolb to lead the huddle. The Music City inhabitants can have Young or Kerry Collins under center, and everyone will still know the plan: Give the ball to Chris Johnson, and let him shred the Eagles’ porous run defense.

Johnson, 25, ran for 2006 yards last season. Through six games this year, he has “only” 596. I figure he will add at least 120 against the Birds, reaching the end zone at least twice. When Young or Collins really decides to torment the visitors, Kenny Britt, Nate Washington and Johnson will be waiting to snag passes. I sense at least 30 points from the Nashville boys.

With their defense yielding such a hefty total, the Eagles will need big passing plays. The Titans forced four turnovers Monday and would certainly love to induce Vick’s first turnover(s) of the year. The Eagles will have to enlist their quarterback’s arm more than his legs. Kolb looked great Sunday and if his coach wants to keep his team’s perfect road record intact, he should turn Kolb’s starter status from “likely” to “definitely.” The Birds need their true starter more than the Titans need Young. They must expect a shootout, and Kolb, more so than Vick, knows more about the proper use of weapons. Wink, wink.

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