The Lull

The beginning of November is an odd time for local professional sports. Regardless of whatever success the Phillies have had leading up to the eleventh month, we always have to deal with the Eagles’ yearly manipulation of our hopeful spirits, the Sixers’ futile attempts to post a winning season and the Flyers’ often infuriating attempts to prove that a team can make a deep playoff run without a star scorer or goalie.

I thought of what I call The Lull this weekend while in Boston. The Red Sox, which I revealed as my favorite team in my last entry, could not overcome injuries to practically everyone on the roster to make the postseason, so the city has to rely on the Bruins (how did that 3-0 lead in the series against the Flyers turn out again?), who clearly are going nowhere, the Celtics, who should have won the NBA title this past season and the Patriots, whom I feel have one more title in them under Tom Brady.

Well, the Beantown bunch went only 2-3 combined this weekend, both wins courtesy of the Celtics. I know Boston haters will take joy in knowing that Philly’s teams went 3-2 over the weekend, with the Eagles pulling off the biggest victory, a 26-24 triumph over Peyton Manning’s Colts.

What does comparing the records of the cities’ teams accomplish? Very little. Boston and Philadelphia could have gone a combined 10-0, and fans of both could still be engaged in feeling out their teams. Winless, undefeated, who cares? Early November has a knack for deception. The horrible, except for the Bruins, can rebound, and the excellent can plummet. Be on guard against the effects of The Lull. It can even make someone feel that Allen Iverson can resurrect his NBA career after a stint in Turkey.

Congratulations to Joe Paterno, who went 1-0 this weekend, becoming the first Division I football coach to amass 400 victories.


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