Give me some Redskins

Wow! I enjoy being poignant when I react to events, but that one word was all I could muster when I watched the Eagles first-half performance Monday night. Forty-five points on the way to 59!

I love athletic annihilation. Baseball games that end 10-0, 15-2 or worse really make me grin. Basketball games where teams are scoring in the 120s while their opponents are shooting bricks delight me. Give me hockey games in which multiple players are scoring hat tricks against befuddled competition, and I am ecstatic!

Football blowouts, however, have no equal. In week five of the ’94 season, the Eagles visited the San Francisco 49ers, my favorite team at the time. Well, the Philly bunch left Candlestick Park with a 40-8 victory, and I loved watching the display. It reminded me of Super Bowl XXIV, the first I watched, in which the 49ers destroyed the Denver Broncos, 55-10.

Those games and scores of others have let me know I am an equal opportunity destroyer. Even if a team I back or play for becomes a blowout victim, I commend the skill of the opposition. I am sure the Washington Redskins will not be watching tape of Michael Vick to praise his left arm and nimble legs.

With the tanning that the Eagles gave their hides, they may have to stand to do any viewing.


2 responses to “Give me some Redskins

  1. Excellent article by an excellent Sports Journalist! Heck just an excellent journalist and Writer all together. Yes I also throughly enjoyed the “beat down” The Eagle Skinned on the Skins!

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