‘Tis the season to be silly

Before Friday’s Heat-Sixers game, I heard a commentator speak of the struggles that the Miami bunch has had thus far. When speaking of the hunt for playoff spots, he noted, “If the season ended today, the Heat would quality as only the sixth seed in the East.” I am cold on the Heat and its stars, so his statement made me smile and cringe at once.

He drew my ire because even more than the James Gang, I hate the expression “If the season ended today…” What motivates this wish for a faster end? I suspect that false hope influences most utterances, such as this gem, “If the season ended today, the Eagles would win the NFC East.” Funny, huh???

Well, “If the season ended today” for the NBA, NFL, and NHL, would I be able to inherit some of that unearned cash that the players had been guaranteed?

Another dumb saying that I am sure will soon flood TVs and radios as NFL teams vie for playoff spots is “We have our backs against the wall.” I loathe that metaphor! What is so bad about having one’s back against the wall? What better remedy is there for an itchy back?

I am going to pull rank as an educated fellow for my final rant. No expression will be in greater use as NFL teams celebrate division crowns than “We showed good chemistry.” Chemistry? How many NFLers know an atom from Adam?

So as wishes for winter wonderlands increase, know that trite messages will dominate, and I am not talking about only “Happy New Year.”


2 responses to “‘Tis the season to be silly

  1. This Young Man is an excellent writer. He picks great topics and adds humor to his very intelligent writing!

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