Coughlin up the lead

Following last week’s entry on basketball and football players I find intolerable, I had intended to write about other athletes whom I would present with coal for Christmas, but the Eagles’ thrilling 38-31 victory over the Giants has rightfully altered my plans. I know we Philadelphians have a reputation for being hard workers, but the Eagles ensured that perception for years to come.

I have nurtured a 21-year hatred of all New York sports teams. The Giants earn special disregard mostly because they refuse to bear their proper geographic location in their name. If a team plays in New Jersey, it should include “New Jersey” right before its nickname. Nobody said that hatred has to be philosophical.

When Andy Reid refused to chuck the challenge flag on DeSean Jackson’s fourth-quarter fumble, I supposed the game was lost. What a moron!

I am referring to myself and not Reid, however. Big Red, thank the Lord whose birthday I am anticipating, has talented players who can make most people overlook his idiocy. His counterpart, Tom Coughlin, could not contain his penchant for infantile reactions following his squad’s last-second loss.

Coughlin, whose nose would make him a suitable replacement for Rudolph, immediately sought punter Matt Dodge to blast the rookie for not booting a punt out of bounds. Coward! I do not care what strength a team or player has. Challenge that strength. This credo applies to all sports. I am glad that Dodge’s kick stayed in bounds, as it gave the fickle Giants’ special teams unit a chance to prove its worth.

As all could see, proving that worth cost a ton, but I would rather lose having taken the more difficult course than win by chickening out. Kudos to the Eagles for a fantastic rebound. Along with Cliff Lee, they have given me joy in seeing Philadelphia again frustrate New York.

I encourage the Giants to look on the bright side. Now their girlfriends and wives know what to buy them for Christmas: nice, shiny sets of golf clubs.

3 responses to “Coughlin up the lead

  1. New York Giants of New Jersey ha!

  2. Great Article! The Jersey Giants are not Giants at all. They are small and infantile and that is perfect in reflection to who they have as a Coach! Unfortunately through the magic of “Any Given Sunday” they are not officially out of the playoffs just yet though. I am hoping the the Packers take care of business this week. Although I think the Eagles would put a bigger whipping on the Giants than they will the Packers. Or Maybe the other team of infants with idiots for coaches and management (The GreenbackSkins (spending for nothing year after year just to keep on losing) will take care of business and eliminate the Giants anyway. Than Maybe it is the Bucs that will be heading to Philly. Or in the crazy days of the NFL all three could lose and it will be the Packers anyway. Whom the Eagles should have beat in week one.
    I think with rest because of a meaningless game against the Cowgirls (although I hate to see the Eagles lose to the Cowgirls even if it is meaningless) the Eagles will be more than ready to handle the Packers or whoever comes along in week one of the playoffs. Than they will more than likely face the Bears unless the “any given Sunday” factor really kicks in and the Horrible Panthers beat the great pretenders that the Atlanta Falcons are and the Bears beat the Pack. With the Saints beating the Bucs that would mean the Saints get the number one . The Falcons would actually than drop down to a #5 Wildcard team. Who would than play the winner of this Sunday’s “Losers that will win a division championship bowl” between the Rams and Seahawks. If that happens I think the winner of that game may just expose the Falcons as the pretenders they are and beat them in the first round. This would than set up a Eagles-Bears match up at Solider Field in the Second Round. In fact if the Falcons win and get the number 1 it would still be the Eagles and the Bears at Solider Field in Round Two. That would be cool for the Eagles to have a chance to avenge two of their Regular Season Losses in the Play-Offs. If the Falcons beat the Panthers which they should do and the Eagles beat the Pack (or Giants or Bucs) it would set up Eagles/Bears and Falcons and either the Saints, Seahawks or Rams (more than likely the Saints). Carrying it a step further we say the Eagles beat the Bears (after they beat the WC that is) it would than set up what I think will be a Saints/Eagles NFC Championship Game. With the Eagles actually having Home Field! Of Course though the Bears get the number one if they win and the Saints and the Falcons both lose. That would set up a totally different week two where the Eagles after winning round one would face the Falcons. If that happens than it would be in my humble opinion the Eagles/Falcons and Bears/Saints in Round two. If that is the case and the Bears beat the Saints it is Eagles/Bears at Solider Field for the NFC Championship. Or if the Saints beat the Bears and the Eagles beat the Falcons (and Oh they will do just that) it goes back to Eagles/Saints at the Linc for the NFC Championship.
    Okay that is way to much thinking and forecasting. Now My Head hurts ;-).
    Correct me on this scenario please Joe if you see anywhere that I have it wrong? The Eagles/Saints NFC Championship game at the Linc is actually how I see it happening when all is said and done. With the Eagles winning 24-20 and going on to the Superbowl against Tommy “Pretty Boy” Brady and the New England Pats. A Rematch of 2005 but this time with a different outcome. 🙂 Maybe wishful thinking but a lot of thought and analysis was put into it. All of my predictions are in here to read so let us see if I get it right. I think the most likely one is the Falcons beating the Panthers and getting the number one. If they do not beat the Panthers than they truly do not deserve the #1 anyway. Which I have thought all along because I think the Falcons are pretenders who had the benefit of an easy schedule to get them where they are. Eagles/Saints NFC Champonship at the Linc is how I see it when all is said and done and Eagles/Pats SB after that happens. Then the Eagles being crowned as the 2010 Champions of the NFL!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously way too much thinking for this time of night (2:30 AM) and I think I have reached the point of totally over tired and delirium has set in. Leading to all of this Rambling. 🙂 This is like my own blog feeding off of your blog Joe! Is the Review looking for another Blogger any time soon? I sure could use the extra money! Of course though I do not have as much talent as you do!!
    God, there are so many possibilities with only a week left in the season! That is why I love the NFL!!

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