Click save, and a beauty!

With my fervent dislike of the Eagles, one would think I would have watched their 21-16 loss to Green Bay in the Wild Card round. Tuning in would have given me ample chances to root for the likely-NFC representative in the Super Bowl. However, I refrained, sure that petitions outside of church for an Eagles’ loss are as solid as prayers for good health inside my chosen worship site.

I have followed the Eagles for 21 years and know many excellent people who see a title coming through town shortly. People knock me for worshipping a figure whose second coming is 2,000 years in the making. When is the Eagles’ first coming going to materialize? More importantly, how much longer can Andy Reid’s bunch maximize its demented gift for fooling people?

Hey, I have as many devotions to teams as I do to saints, and some of those teams were miserable when I began following them (The Detroit Red Wings of the late 1980s, The Boston Red Sox of the mid 1990s, and New England Patriots for most of their existence prior to the early 2000s come to mind), so I know about trying to rouse up belief when other teams are celebrating. Fans of the Birds, you have a tough road. Young talent abounds on the team, but what will come of it, and when will this squad’s Kool-Aid finally cease to be appealing to people? 

Nobody said that people have to determine their new year’s resolutions by January 1. How about thousands of my brethren resolve January 9 to forget about the Eagles? Dismissing them will surely be easier than upholding other plans. If fans cannot lose the 10, 20, or whatever extra pounds they have, they should instead dump the 53 dead weights for whom they root.


2 responses to “Click save, and a beauty!

  1. Good stuff although I don’t think there’s much young talent on this roster. They have great WRs and a RB but after that, who’s good and young?

    • tennisfanatic79

      Great point, Ben! I am guilty of thinking those young faces can carry this team. My sin is less than the one Reid has committed. He thinks old bodies can bring about new results.

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