Cotton to the core

I hope the Super Bowl match-up leaves diehard Eagles’ fans ruing their team’s refusal to realize that their leader is an example of the type of wuss Ed Rendell loves to disparage. Andy Reid manages this team as well as he manages his diet. I was once a big boy, too, so he has my sympathy for his corporeal conundrums.

His coaching, however, earns no reprieve. I have always enjoyed the belief that people can learn from their losses. What excuse can Reid offer? Why, after 12 seasons, does he still seem like a fledgling novice? Too little oxygen going to his brain? An inherent desire for inhaling ho hos over examining x’s and o’s? Who knows? 

What I do know is that two teams with far more pluck (my writing this for a family paper limits my vocabulary!)are Dallas-bound. The Packers twice came to Philadelphia, this season, scoring a pair of wins. The Steelers will appear in their franchise’s eighth Super Bowl and will chase their seventh win. The Eagles are the NFL’s equivalent of the New York Mets. While the New York Yankees contend for division titles and World Series crowns, the Mets pursue .500 seasons. While the Steelers chase immortality, the Eagles covet 10-win seasons that dupe fans even more.

What will it be next season, Andy? Can you convince the front office to upgrade the defense this offseason? If you do that, which I feel is the hugest task you have, this team could go far. I will not put you in next season’s Super Bowl, but you should score at least one playoff win. Your job will grow even safer and the front office will likely extend your contract. If those occur, your refrigerator will be the happiest appliance in town.


2 responses to “Cotton to the core

  1. Let us not forget that those Eagles while they did lose twice to the Super Bowl Bound Packers they did give them at least a couple of good games! The shame of the matter is out of the three teams the Packers beat in the Play Offs I think the Eagles were the ones that made it closest of all. The Pundits were all saying that the winner of the Packers/Eagles Wildcard game was going to be the NFC’s SB Representative. They are right since the Packers did win that game and they are representing the NFC. We unfortunately will never know if it would have been true that it would have been the Eagles if they had won that game. I do think it would have been though, But I have to say that I am one of those “Die-Hard Eagles Fans” that you speak of.
    I am not crazy about Andy’s Game Day coaching skills either. Including his clock management and his play calling abilities. He is an excellent judge of talent and has found some real gems over the years in the lesser rounds of the draft and also through free agency. I think he would make for a better Player Personell director than he does a Head Coach. The Eagles and jeff Lurie in particular have given him too much power overall. My biggest fear as one of those “die hard Eagles fans” you speak of here is that the Eagles will never win that big game as long as Andy is the head coach and also has that much power.
    Another Great article by a very good writer once again!

  2. your refrigerator will be the happiest appliance in town.

    Classic. Great stuff.

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