No stranger to anger

Hatred sometimes talks to my loving nature and encourages it not to be so one-dimensional. The former does not mind ranking second, as it is strong enough to earn enough wins to gloat. Nothing makes my hatred rear its often attractive head more than sports, and the last ten days have given my disgust a firmer step.

I have twice voiced my disdain for certain athletes ( and, but I have not discussed my most loathed teams. Being someone who will never play professionally, I have developed a love for college sports. Yes, many of the sports’ participants will make millions, but when I am viewing them, most of them are exerting themselves simply to test their might.

While I laud all of them for their pursuits, I cannot stand certain teams. I watch college basketball most and have a 19-year love for the University of Kentucky Wildcats. They gave me great joy this past weekend by eliminating two of the five teams guaranteed to irk me — The Ohio State University Buckeyes and the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

All I heard going into the NCAA Tournament is that one of those vanquished teams would win the East Region. Such talk made me grin, as I knew Kentucky could bring these pompous programs to their knees. Yes, Ohio State has a star freshman, as does North Carolina, but, put together, the teams’ two combined first-year studs cannot top Kentucky’s trio. While many people felt stunned, I felt vindicated when my boys dumped both. It’s okay, Buckeye and Tar Heel fans; your coaches will convince more kids they can win the big one. When they do, I will be counting the days until Selection Sunday.

Shortly before Kentucky’s win, the University of Kansas Jayhawks went down to unheralded Virginia Commonwealth University. I am soooooooooooo tired of the Kansas hype. Add that exaggeration to networks’ love of Duke and Syracuse universities, and I had a ton to wish for as the Big Dance started. Christmas came nine months early! The Final Four will feature none of my five abhorred teams.

Spring has just begun, but my hatred is in mid-season form. Bring on the Final Four. I am not too fond of the University of Connecticut either. Go, Kentucky!

By Alvaro Balderas, Review Intern

With the NBA playoffs on the horizon I can’t help but pay attention to the so-called experts’ pick on who is going all the way. The Lakers, Spurs and the Celtics are the clear frontrunners as far as I’m concerned. So when I hear this garbage about Derrick Rose being the reason the Bulls are also in the mix I can’t help but think about Philadelphia’s run to the Finals with Allen Iverson at the helm.

I’m not here to hate on Rose because to tell you the truth he’s one of my favorite players on and off the court (not narcissistic like Melo, Kobe, Wade etc). BUT…..what really grinds my gears is that American sports fans have short memories and are crowning this guy as one of the most dynamic and most unique players in recent NBA history.

I think about back in 2000-01 when the 76ers A.I. won MVP and took his team to the Finals. This cat was like nothing the NBA had ever seen. True baller bringing some street flavor to the courts. Breaking ankles, shooting jumpers in fools’ grills and getting to the cup at will.

Remind you of Rose a little bit? I’m not saying they’re the same exact players because they’re not, but both of them are point guards, supposedly.

My point is, what did A.I. amount to during his heyday here in Philly? Rose gets the edge for having a better surrounding cast than A.I.’s Sixers but don’t waist your time and money betting on that.

With the exception of the 2004 Detroit Pistons, every NBA championship team since the Jordan days has been led by a big man. It was the reason the Sixers’ Dikembe Mutumbo was thrown around like a rag doll by Shaq’s Lakers in the Finals and it will be the same reason Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah will be punked by Dwight Howard or K.G. and the gang.


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