Wonder Man

As the Miami Heat just grabbed the lead for the first time in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, I am wondering why the NBA is staging the playoffs this year. Miami is going to win the title this year and for the next five or six seasons, right? Many “experts” thought so at the beginning of the year, and my disdain for the hot air surrounding the Heat immediately intensified when the Sixers learned their playoff fate.

The Philly boys will not introduce the James Gang to a titleless summer; that honor will go to the Boston Celtics. The Sixers, however, will take two games, and, no, I am not sniffing glue or buddying up with mushrooms. I am leaving those entities for Miami’s fans.

In sixth grade, I had to keep what my teacher called a “Me Book.” One of the activities called on us to detail what we thought made us special. I recall adding that I am special because I believe in the Flyers’ chances of winning the Stanley Cup! Twenty years later, I am still waiting for that trophy and feeling a little less exceptional. Let’s go Flyers!

I cannot write an entry without a touch of “Take that!” This week’s taunt goes to Tiger Woods. This bonehead was never truly in contention for the Masters, despite what “experts” blared. He went home with a sweet check, but if this idiot ever wants another green jacket, he had better kidnap a leprechaun.


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