Nicholas in the thick of us

What is more welcomed than a clutch run batted in? How about an on time baby pushed out? I became a first-time dad today and am already eager to make baseball tales parts of my boy’s early education.

Which child would refuse the hilarity of “Who’s on First?” or the cautionary nature of “Casey at the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888”? Certainly not Nicholas Joseph Myers! Those works and others like them will be as common in my home as diaper changes. I may even recite them to him during diaper changes, if only to keep my nose from begging for mercy.

Factual accounts will come later. I am thinking adolescence will be a great time to let him know about Merkle’s Boner, a play that contributed to the Chicago Cubs’ last World Series crown in 1908. Other times will involve explanations of, among others, “The Shot heard around the World,” which he will learn has nothing to do with Plaxico Burress, The Catch, The Gashouse Gang and, so that he can perfect what I hope will be a deep dislike of the New York Yankees, the 2004 ALCS. My guy will treat “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” as the country’s backup national anthem and will probably become the CEO of Frito-Lay just to earn a lifetime supply of Cracker Jack.

Such fun awaits you, my son. With that strong grip you put on my hand today, I am sure you will enjoy hearing of the George Brett pine tar incident. All in good time, little guy, all in good time.

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