These Birds are bird feed

People too often punish themselves for pondering what they chose not to do and rarely congratulate themselves for what they elect to execute. The latter serves as the inspiration for this entry, as I decided Sunday not to watch one second of the Eagles-Cowboys game. Upon seeing the 17-3 final score in favor of the Texas troupe, I nodded my head to applaud my decision, knowing I spared my eyes and brain a wretched display of football. I hear so many fans note that Chip Kelly will revamp the roster next season and that this one will definitely continue to have its share of frustration. I cannot comment on the first part, but the second shows sheer brilliance. Long live subpar efforts!

Speaking of futility, do the Flyers think they are playing soccer, where one-goal performances are often enough to win? I am celebrating my 25th season as a fan and am starting to fear they will score 25 goals the whole year to match my rooting tenure.

Never a huge fan of the Phillies, I have always valued individual performers, and Shane Victorino frequently won my praise for his play. I hated losing him last year but loved watching his grand slam help my Red Sox (yep, they are mine!) to reach the World Series. May the Flyin’ Hawaiian earn another ring this fall!




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