Requiem for a team

How vivid are my memories of those summers when professional baseball captivated the residents of South Philly! I gained a sense of the dwindled glory Friday when watching the Phillies defeat the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park, especially pondering the glory years as Jimmy Rollins smoked two home runs and orchestrated a first-inning double play with his fellow 2008 World Series-winning peers Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. All champions eventually go through mental and/or physical distress as their gifts wane, and the last two seasons in our proud city have been filled with anguish for the local nine’s supporters, as also-ran status has begun to creep in for a franchise that had really begun to become not only relevant but dominant.

I have summer sports staples and used to count on the Phillies to wow me. Despite their winning on Friday and making my $65 ticket worthwhile, I do not expect much from them. To be honest, I have always expected them to plummet because, hey, I am a Philadelphian, but they have hit a point where I do not even care about their record or their roster. Speaking of the latter, I looked at Friday’s program and had no clue who some of their players are. If management is truly considering parting with mainstays, I fear lean days will become copious and the fan base furious. I know time waits for no man, so I will not expect it to spare the Phillies from their decline. I just hope they take the steps to start a new countdown for capable players. In the meantime, mindful of my minutes, I thank them for their hard work. Age is cruel, gentlemen.


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