Bird watching

I am a diehard Flyers fan, but with marginal interest in the Phillies and Sixers and absolutely no enthusiasm for the Eagles, nobody can count me as a “homer.” However, I respect those who root for the other three local squads and, sad to say, have come to pity those who adore the Birds.

Even with minimal interest in the franchise, I fully expected the Eagles to destroy the Redskins Saturday. I had other obligations for most of the game, so when I was able to catch action for the first time, I found myself stunned to see the 3-11 Skins up 24-14. As quarterback Mark Sanchez and tight end Zach Ertz proved a potent tandem, I believed they would ward off an upset and claim their 10th win. Then I remembered that I live in Philadelphia, and Philadelphia sports teams have a wonderful legacy of choking. No unit seems immune to this malady, and Sanchez showed he is in a sharing mood this Christmas season by tossing a late interception. Thanks to Redskins kicker Kai Forbath and the Dallas Cowboys’ 42-7 annihilation of the Indianapolis Colts yesterday, the Birds, despite having the ability to finish four games over .500 should they beat the Giants on Sunday, will be making January golf plans.

Knowing fellow Philadelphians’ passion for the Birds, I deep down wish the players and coaches could concoct a remedy for their perpetual assault on fans’ sanity. What will it take to produce a winner at Lincoln Financial Field? Maybe the front office can resolve to find answers in 2015.


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