Meet Joe

I am a lifelong Philadelphia resident, meaning that in my 35 years, I have seen a whopping three major championships come through town. I have been following sports here for 25 years, finding the most joy and frustration in cheering for the Flyers. Outside of the four major sports, I follow tennis diligently. My wife is okay knowing that tennis is my mistress. We live in South Philly, only a few blocks from the Sports Complex, with our son, Nicholas, and two cats.
I welcome the chance to interact with similarly passionate Philly fans. The Latin root for “passion,” “passio” means suffering. All Philly sports fans know about suffering!


3 responses to “Meet Joe

  1. Philly isn’t even the best sports town in Pennsylvania!

  2. I noticed that you didn’t mention how you wore a Detroit Red Wings jersey to school when the Flyers were in the Stanley Cup Finals back in 1997, Joseph. I just thought I’d mention that. Ha!

    And Jim, it sure is easy to be a Steelers fan, I know, but to say that Philadelphia isn’t the best sports town in PA is just uneducated. Fans in this town live and die by their teams. The Steelers have gotten lucky to win 7 championships, and you saw what happened when they played an actually good quarterback. But Pirates? And the Penguins with their dirtball, crybaby Crosby (can’t wait to see the Flyers sweep them this year)? And their amazing basketball team? What was their name, again? That’s right. They don’t even have 4 sports. Well, at least Pittsburgh has it’s strong steel production to fall back on… Oh, waaaaiit… Shame…

    • Yes, Jason, thanks for bringing up my wearing the Red Wings jersey! I am a huge Flyers fan, but Detroit was unstoppable that year.

      Thanks for writing. I am on my way to your blog.

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